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What to Expect with Stem Cell Injections 

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Functional Medicine, Healthy Living, Physical Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Sports Medicine

If you’re wondering what the recovery process looks like after your stem cell injection procedure, we’ll outline what you can expect. There are many different types of procedures and areas of the body that can be targeted through stem cell injection. How you respond may be different than other patients, but a good general summary of the process should help you plan for your recovery period after your stem cell injections.

What is the recovery time for stem cell injection?

Our Stem Cell injections are typically done within one and a half to two and a half hours. You should be able to return to your normal work schedule and daily activities within a couple of days. Most patients can even walk out after their injections with very minimal discomfort or pain (if any).

You should start to experience pain relief in two to twelve weeks. Over the course of six to twelve months, most patients experience continuing improvement in their condition including a decrease in both pain and inflammation and an increase in overall mobility and function.

Best Practices for Stem Cell Injection Recovery

Immediately after your procedure, you should avoid anti-inflammatory medications. Rest the treated area and start physical therapy as soon as your physician recommends. Your pain level and discomfort may vary depending on the injection site, but overall, it should never feel extreme. Any pain should significantly decrease over time.

In the following few weeks, you may experience some inflammation in the treated area, as well as some muscle soreness or spasms. These are normal side effects of stem cell injections.  If you experience worse pain after your stem cell injection, let your physician know right away.

Make the Most of Your Stem Cell Recovery Time

As previously mentioned, we perform many types of procedures and target different areas through stem cell injections. Every person is different, and your post-procedure recovery will be unique. You won’t be alone though.

Communication is key to your recovery. Pay attention to your levels of pain and communicate with your physician if you are experiencing too much pain or any other unusual symptoms. Physical therapy and other exercise regimens are also dependent on the person and procedure. Be sure to follow your provider’s careful instructions for when and how to begin these processes.

Support for Your Recovery Time After Stem Cell Injection
At Odom Health and Wellness, injecting stem cells is one of many ways we treat pain and injury in our patients. Our team is committed to you performing your best and living your best life. If you’re having difficulty during your recovery, we want to know.
If you have any further questions about stem cell procedures or what to expect at our clinic in Minnetonka, please call us at 952-224-1919 or email us at office@odomsportsmd.com.
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