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Auto Accident Injury

Get Healthy

Minnesota Car Accident Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

Odom Health and Wellness is your local auto accident injury clinic. Our team of health and pain management experts will help you on your journey from injury to recovery after unfortunate and potentially life changing auto accident injuries. We pride ourselves on patient outcomes and a personal experience that helps you get healthy and stay healthy. Start your auto accident injury treatment at our clinic in Minnetonka, MN. Click the link below to schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can help you feel better after your traumatic event.

Common Injuries We Treat

● Whiplash
● Head Injuries
● Jaw Injuries
● Neck and Back
● Knee and hip
● Hand and wrist
● Elbow and Shoulder
● Foot and Ankle
● Soft Tissue injuries
● Spinal cord injuries
● Bone injuries
● Nerve injuries
● Post Surgical rehabilitation


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Car Accident Injury Treatment

Dr. Odom has an extensive background in emergency medicine and orthopedic injuries and conditions. Dr. Odom, along with our team of physical therapists, treat auto accident patients on a weekly basis. We fully understand the complexities of your injuries and customize care on an individual basis.

We are experienced in diagnosing injuries and implementing a proper plan of care that treats recent injuries while also addressing long-lasting, nagging symptoms. By employing a team of doctors, physical therapists and massage therapists, we can reduce your pain, increase your range of motion and restore your health. No matter who is at fault, we want you to feel your best. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Accident Injuries?

Auto Accident Injury services are often covered by an auto accident claim or your insurance. Odom Health & Wellness is in-network with most insurance companies. Our team will work with you, your insurance provider, and/or your lawyer to ensure that you receive a proper and professional care plan as well as guidance with your insurance and any other issues associated with your auto accident injury rehab.

Why Odom?

At Odom Health & Wellness we help patients of all ages navigate the recovery process after their auto injuries. Dr. Odom has been diagnosing and treating Minnesota auto accident patients for his entire career both in the ER and in the Odom Health & Wellness clinic. With a multi-provider approach to care, our team helps patients become free of pain so they can get back to doing the things they love to do.

Learn more about how we can help you with treatment for your car accident injuries.