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What is Odom Health & Wellness?

Odom Health & Wellness (OHW) is a state-of-the-art outpatient sports medicine and functional wellness clinic. We offer medically based treatments in Minnesota to help our patients improve their quality of life and/or recover from a physical injury. John Odom MD, MPH and his carefully selected team of clinical experts provide one-on-one attention and individualized programs for a variety of medical needs, including rehabilitation, nutrition counseling, weight loss, personal training and performance enhancement.

ODOM Health & Wellness encompasses several different spheres of patient care because so many areas of our lives are inter-connected. If you’re not fueling your body with the right nutrition, you might be carrying a few extra pounds; and those extra pounds might be putting unnecessary stress on your knees; and that extra stress could be keeping you from playing at the top of your game-whether that is on the high school football field, in your next race or playing outside with the grandkids.

Our Mission

To be the best at seeing and treating the whole person with the knowledge that we were all created to move.

Why are we different?

Odom Health & Wellness is different when compared to larger clinics or hospitals in Minnesota. We believe that being in motion is a vital part of every human being’s life. The elderly woman seeking relief from knee pain and the injured professional athlete are treated with the same respect and importance in our welcoming and healing environment. We are our patients’ best advocate.

Fitness Philosophy

There are many factors in how our bodies handle the stresses of an active (or even inactive) lifestyle. At Odom Health & Wellness we do more than just treat injuries. We treat the people of Minnesota. Taking into account everything from sleeping positions to diets to exercise, our clinic will identify the root cause of an injury before we treat the effects. The goal isn’t to help someone mask chronic pain, we want to help eliminate it.

Google Review for Odom Health & Wellness

Excellent staff and standards of care!
Love this Clinic. Odom Health and Wellness rocks!!!

– Christi Michaels

Knowledgable provider. Regenerative options available. Quality PT. Nutrition and personal training options available. Kind staff. Great support system while you do the work toward your level of wellness.

– J Higgins