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Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapy for Health and Relaxation

Massage Therapy Hours: Monday-Friday; Saturday mornings.

Enjoy a rejuvenating massage that addresses your individual health concerns. Our licensed professionals and specialists provide the best level of care, comfort and results. We offer a variety of massage therapy styles and health benefits for patients of all types. Let our team match you with a therapeutic program unique to your needs.

Deep tissue massage therapy can be used to address a variety of health concerns including back and neck pain as well as osteoarthritis. Relaxing Swedish massage therapy can improve blood flow and relieve achy muscles in athletes or anyone who works hard. If you’re pregnant, come experience prenatal massage benefits firsthand. We’ll help you make it through the next months, and we offer stress relief massage therapy for worn out parents adapting to their new roles.

Types of Massage We Offer


Deep Tissue






Injury Recovery


Positional Release




Hot Stone


Trigger Point Therapy




Manual Lymph Drainage

Experience The Benefits of Massage Therapy to Health and Body at Odom

Let our professionals treat your aches and pains with a variety of proven therapies. We offer massage therapy for back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, trigger points, joint pain as well as recovery from athletic training and injury prevention.  Our massage therapy sessions also help with:

-Pain Management
-Flexibility and Range of Motion Improvement
-Posture Correction
-Surgery Recovery Support
-Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Support
-Stress Relief
-Muscle Relaxation and Stretching
-Blood Flow Stimulation for Improved Circulation, Blood Pressure and Injury Recovery
-Increased mental awareness
-Decreased anxiety and depression
-Support for soft tissue injuries

A Massage Therapy Clinic for Exercise and Athletic Performance

Athletes of all levels can benefit from massage and body work. Whether you’re a pro football player, yoga enthusiast or just need some extra help recovering from the gym or court, research has proven massage helps:

-Improve injury healing through increased blood flow
-Promote relaxation and decrease training/event anxiety
-Increase range of motion and soft tissue performance
-Support recovery of heart rate and blood pressure after high-intensity exercise
-Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, stiffness and fatigue
-Reduce swelling

Schedule an appointment with a member of our massage therapy team. We can help you improve your performance on the field and reduce your recovery time off. Treat your tender muscles to our expert care.

A Full Therapeutic Experience

Our massage and soft tissue specialists provide much more than just a relaxing escape. You’ll receive direct full body benefits such as stress reduction, pain management, flexibility and stimulated blood flow-which can be an integral part of injury prevention or rehabilitation.

 Clinical studies show that the physical and emotional benefits of a regular massage contribute to a well-balanced lifestyle. Whether you are recovering from surgery, have tight hamstrings, or are learning how to reduce stress and anxiety, our providers will give you a wonderful and therapeutic experience.

Mary Krueger, CMT and Anna Pew are the dedicated massage therapy staff at Odom Health & Wellness. Appointments are available Monday through Friday weekly.

90 Minutes

– Relaxation
– Rehabilitative support
– Target several areas for specific work
– Correct and manage acute or chronic problem
– Manage pain

60 Minutes

– Relaxation
– Range of motion
– Target several areas for specific work
– Stress Relief
– Manage pain

30 Minutes

– Relaxation
– Target specific areas for relief
– Convenient
– Stress Relief
– Maintain rehabilitative progress or pain relief

Google Review for Odom Health & Wellness

Love seeing Mary for massages at Odom Health & Wellness. She’s my favorite person to see in Minneapolis!

– Elise W

Schedule a massage therapy appointment at Odom today!