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Massage Therapy

Join us for a deeply relaxing and beneficial time of health and rejuvenation.

Our licensed professionals and specialists provide the best level of care, comfort and results.


Deep Tissue










Injury Recovery

At ODOM Health & Wellness, we offer massage therapy for the following benefits:

-Pain Management
-Flexibility and Range of Motion Improvement
-Posture Correction
-Surgery Recovery Support
-Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Support
-Stress Relief
-Muscle Relaxation and Stretching
-Blood Flow Stimulation for Improved Circulation, Blood Pressure and Injury Recovery

In relation to exercise and athletic performance, research has shown massage can:

-Improve injury healing through increased blood flow
-Promote relaxation and decrease training/event anxiety
-Increase range of motion and soft tissue performance
-Support recovery of heart rate and blood pressure after high-intensity exercise
-Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, stiffness and fatigue
-Reduce swelling

A Full Therapeutic Experience

Our massage and soft tissue specialists provide much more than just a fabulous time of relaxation-you will receive direct full body benefits such as stress reduction, pain management, flexibility and stimulated blood flow-which can be an integral part of injury prevention or rehabilitation program. Clinical studies are also showing that the physical and emotional benefits of a regular massage contribute to a well-balanced lifestyle. Whether you are recovering from surgery, have tight hamstrings, or just need time to relax, our providers will give you a wonderful and therapeutic experience. Mary Krueger, CMT and Anna Pew are the dedicated massage therapy staff at Odom Health & Wellness. Appointments are available Monday through Friday each week.

90 Minutes

– Relaxation
– Rehabilitative support
– Target several areas for specific work
– Correct and manage acute or chronic problem
– Manage pain

60 Minutes

– Relaxation
– Range of motion
– Target several areas for specific work
– Stress Relief
– Manage pain

30 Minutes

– Relaxation
– Target specific areas for relief
– Convenient
– Stress Relief
– Maintain rehabilitative progress or pain relief

Google Review for Odom Health & Wellness

Love seeing Mary for massages at Odom Health & Wellness. She’s my favorite person to see in Minneapolis!

– Elise W

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