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Decrease Pain and Increase Function

Regenerative Medicine

Odom Health & Wellness provides an opportunity to drastically reduce pain, by rebuilding tissue in the body. If you are looking for an alternative to surgery Regenerative medicine could be a viable option for many patients. Damaged tissue due to acute injury, overuse, and arthritis can cause unwanted pain in the body and our joints. These are short, minimally invasive procedures that have turned into tremendous outcomes for many of our patients over the past 10 years.

Regenerative Medicine Services


One of the main differentiating factors between Odom Health & Wellness is our individualized approach to care. At Odom you are not just a number but instead a cherished patient that we walk with throughout the entire plan of care. Properly diagnosing the body’s injured tissue is the key to coming up with a plan of care. We often rely on the patient’s previous Xrays and MRIs to better understand the extent of injury. When we know what is causing the pain and dysfunction we can then properly treat the injured tissue with Regenerative Medicine

Additional Details

Our team of experts will process your own body’s cells and re-inject them into the damaged tissue. Research and anecdotal evidence shows that these PRP and Stem Cell treatments can often help the body to function better and reduce pain at the same time. By adding a functional medicine approach to healing, our patients have had wonderful outcomes. We have internally created protocols with combinations of planned activity level, nutrition, rehabilitation, and follow up doctors visits. Not only have we been doing Regenerative Medicine just as long if not longer than anyone in the region, our personalized approach to treatment plans sets us apart from all other providers.

Enhance Your Outcome

We recommend physical therapy in conjunction with our Regenerative Medicine Treatments for better patient outcomes.
Physical Therapy services are not included in the price of our Regenerative Medicine Treatments.

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