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Helping people unlock their movement potential

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Clinic focuses on precise diagnostics, cutting edge treatment, and empowering movement training to bring you results that last.

Whether you’re looking for physical therapy after an auto accident, pelvic floor physical therapy or just want a running gait analysis to get the most out of your evening jog, we have an individualized program to match your needs.

For physical therapy offices near me in Minneapolis’ and the western suburbs, give Odom a call. Our specialty staff would love to meet with you to help your body feel and perform better.

Google Review for Odom Health & Wellness

Six months ago I would not have been able to write this review and say…

I just got off the Peleton and ROCKED my ride! Andrew, Dr Odom and all the staff at Odom Health and Welless have provided the most amazing, integrated and personally specific care that has me back in life strong again! Not only was the PRP procedure I received successful, but the follow-up PT care provided new and recovery specific exercises that helped me to heal steadily and recover with integrity! So, I’m back in the saddle and back on my yoga mat. Thanks Odom Health & Wellness!    

– Christine Quam

I can’t say enough positive things about Odom Health & Wellness. Thier genuine care and concern for patients, getting to root cause of injury and long term rehab planning  is the best I’ve seen after experiencing many doctors and large orthopedic centers in the Twin Cities.

I invested in PRP injections for a nagging hamstring injury that took me away from my favorite sport, running.

With the partnership of the doctor, regenative medecine specialists and amazing PT I’m running again without pain and look forward to two fall marathons. This is my second round of PRP and the experience has been night and day better and more valuable at Odom and I wish I would have found them sooner!

Highly recommend Dr. Odom and Andrew, the most wonderful PT!

-Kelly May


Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly trained in pinpointing the source of your pain. They will put together a customized treatment program for your specific injury to help you enjoy normal life again.


Can I use my insurance?
At Odom Health and Wellness we accept most major insurances for physical therapy. We encourage you to call the number on the back of your insurance card for verification to fully understand your coverage.

If you have further questions, feel free to call our Patient Care Coordinator and we will gladly help you discover what your coverage is to take the guess work out of starting your treatment.

What will the first visit look like?

During your first visit, your Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform an evaluation. They will learn your background and understand what brings you to the clinic. They will discuss your goals, and any other factors that are relevant.

Your DPT, will then perform the clinic examination to pinpoint the true cause of your pain.

Once you understand the cause of your pain and we answer your questions, we will outline and discuss your customized treatment plan with you.

What separates you from other clinics?

We put our patients first. That means 1-1 sessions that are 100% customized to your needs. We take the time to hear your goals so we can match your physical therapy program to your potential and comfort level.

We provide a collaborative approach with multiple disciplines in our clinic including our sports medicine medical doctor, massage therapists, registered dietician, and athletic trainer. This ensures a well-rounded recovery where no patient falls through the cracks. Our goal is for you to be able to accomplish your goals.

What types of treatments do you offer?

Our customized approach means we can pair the correct treatment with the correlative injury to get fast results.

Treatments we regularly provide include:

Soft Tissue Mobilization
Dry Needling
Dry Needling with Electrical Stimulation
Joint Mobilization
Spinal Manipulation
Injury-specific strengthening
Run Gait Analysis
Return to Run Programming
Pelvic Floor Therapy
Postpartum Therapy

After treatment, how can I keep this pain from coming back again?

Once you’ve completed your physical therapy treatment, you’ll want to continue to build momentum in your health and wellness trajectory. We believe that staying healthy and moving easily is a long-term mission.

We recommend that you continue to set new goals. We can assist with strength and nutrition programs to make your newfound habits long-lasting.

Google Review for Odom Health & Wellness

The team here at Odom Health and Wellness are top notch! They truly care about their patients and are so knowledgeable about the healing process. If you are in need of PT service, I highly recommend coming here.

– Dr. Christine Pieton, DPT

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