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Immune System

A healthy immune system is key for fighting off germs and disease.

Keeping your immune system healthy and functioning at its highest level helps keep you healthy year-round and fight off disease. At Odom, we take an in-depth look into your overall health to see what could be affecting your immune system. If you are struggling with your immune health, we can help diagnose, treat, and design a personalized plan to help you get healthy, and stay healthy.

Whether you need IV therapy or a consultation with our registered dietician, we will find the right treatment for you. 

Service Options

IV Therapy

Helping you enhance performance, support immune system, boost your health and make you feel and look better.

Personal Training

Minnesota workout facilities offer some benefits, but our clinic operates under the direction of a medical doctor. Our certified personal trainers can play the role of coach, friend, and teacher.


Nutrition is the foundation of your health. At Odom Health & Wellness we provide quality one on one Nutrition Coaching in Minnetonka, MN.


We believe in diet first for proper wellness. Many of us do not get the needed amount of vitamins and minerals from diet alone. Medical Grade Supplements are a safe solution for this deficit.

Will my insurance cover my treatments/therapies?
Odom Health and Wellness accepts all major insurance providers, but every plan is different. Please call your insurance company to find out your specific coverage.
Do I need imaging to diagnose my injury?
Dr. Odom can frequently diagnose an injury through physical examination and Ultra Sound done in clinic. If he feels that further imaging is needed, he can order that through CDI or the provider of your choice.

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