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Running Gait Analysis

Our approach to running gait analysis pairs industry leading technology with a simplistic approach to get you running more efficiently and with less pain.

Injury Diagnostics

As the sports medicine clinic leading the way in treatment for endurance athletes, we use gait analysis as part of our diagnostic process to understand potential factors that play into an athletes injury. For runners who are having pain that prevents them from running, gait analysis helps us unpack relevant running related variables to get on the other side of pain.

Optimize Running Performance

When running performance is hampered due to minor aches/pains or a lack of efficiency, we dive into the topic of running economy. Using our software and analytics we uncover any hidden variables that can help position you for a breakout performance and lead to more efficient running.

How we use gait analysis at Odom Health and Wellness:

We utilize gait analysis to optimize performance and to problem-solve running injuries. For runners who are currently working through pain, we encourage a Physical Therapy consultation and then a running gait analysis to help foster a seamless return to run. For athletes that are looking to optimize performance or learn more about improving running economy, we encourage starting with a running gait analysis.

“I highly recommend Dr. Andrew for anything running or competition related. He really gets the mindset and importance of getting back to healthy training as soon as possible.”

– Dani Treise, Professional Triathlete

Our Methods.

To get our athletes top of the line results we uncover the data points of running. Our trained Doctor of Physical Therapy will then translate your data into practical and simple next steps to immediately impact your running experience.


State-of-the-art Equipment

We want the best for our runners. We’ve partnered up with Woodway to bring a customized treadmill that mimics outdoor running conditions to get an accurate lens on running biomechanics. To further obtain running specific data we use the runscribe system which features clip on footpods that track high level running metrics to analyze your run data.

Slow Motion Video Capture

Our evidence based and streamlined approach to video features multiple viewing angles with real time and slow motion footage to capture the precise details that can help to understand a runners individual gait as well as monitor corrective gait retraining suggestions.

Practical Results

As much as our equipment helps us capture meaningful data, we emphasize making things simple to lead to real running results. During each gait analysis we comb through the details and distill everything to a few practical takeaways that can immediately impact your running. These takeaways are customized to the individual and can include the topics of: gait retraining, corrective exercises, and footwear suggestions.

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