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Weight Loss and The New Year

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Physical Therapy, Weight Loss and Maintenance

Odom Health & Wellness is unable to provide nutrition and weight loss services for individuals living outside of Minnesota

Alright Minnesota, it’s time for some New Year weight loss inspiration!

If you’re wondering how to keep a new year’s resolution for weight loss, you’re not alone. Sure, we all want to look and feel better, but achieving those health and cosmetic benefits can be exhausting on your own.

Regardless of your motivation for dropping those extra pounds, we can design a sensible and medically backed program within your budget.  Our specialized team is dedicated to keeping you on track so you feel your best in the new year.

The New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge

Despite your best intentions for a healthier self, life can get in the way. If you’re thinking about losing weight, but you’re on the fence about the financial and time commitment, Odom can help. We know that the benefits associated with losing as little as 5% of your body weight are very real and worth the effort.

When you lose weight with the experts at Odom, you’re losing weight under medically supervised conditions with the support of a training team and certified nutritionist. We customize your weight loss program to your needs so that your body gets the right levels of exercise, nutrition and medical support.

Studies show that “ongoing interaction with healthcare providers or in group settings significantly improves weight maintenance and long-term outcomes, compared with treatments that end after a short period of time.” Put our team to work for you and achieve guided long-term weight loss success in a safe and caring environment.

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Even shedding a modest percentage of your body weight can have significant positive effects financially, psychologically and healthfully. Slashing 100 calories per day from your diet will save you an average of $182 dollars per year. When you accomplish your weight loss goal, you’re 68% happier than people who only think about losing weight. You’ll also have more confidence, feel better and have more fulfilling personal relationships.

Losing weight has proven to reduce your chances of:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • type 2 diabetes
  • some types of cancer
  • infertility
  • osteoarthritis
  • back pain
  • depression

You know that the benefits well outweigh the risks. Sometimes you just need that extra push to get started.

Why Odom’s Medical Weigh Loss Team Succeeds

Medical weight loss has several advantages over other types of programs. With a medically trained team of professionals you:

  • Get a program that’s unique to your needs based on your medical history.
  • Receive constant support and encouragement.
  • Are monitored for continued adjustment based on progress.
  • Learn healthy practices to keep weight off.
  • Remain healthy and strong without starving.
  • Gain expertise from several disciplines.
  • Proceed based on proven results.

Every patient we help is different. Let us help you keep your new year’s weight loss goal manageable and achievable.

We also have Quick Start Packages that are less expensive and get you motivated the same day or week you sign up!

Weight Loss, Minnesota

Schedule with us today for real momentum towards a happier new year. If you want to discuss the financial and time commitment for your specific weight loss goals, please contact Bobbi at 952.224.1919 or Bobbi@odomsportsmd.com.

Please also visit our nutrition page for more information on counseling to keep your body strong during your weight loss journey.

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