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How Skinny is Too Skinny?

by | May 28, 2013 | Nutrition Info, Weight Loss and Maintenance

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Celebrities have a lot of influence over people, especially women. We may try to deny their power over our purchasing power and body image, but it is stronger than you think. As a Licensed Dietician, I am amazed at the number of women, who have a healthy percent body fat, that believe they are too fat!

Amanda Bynes at 5”8 and 121 pounds says she is fat. Bynes recently told reporters that she needed to lose 21 pounds. Denise Richards made a guest appearance on the TV show Anger Management recently. Her frail looking body had the Internet and celebrity community buzzing. So, why then are women always in the gym trying to fit into the media’s mold of skinny? I don’t get it. There isn’t a lot of information , at least that is on Google’s front page when seeking the term “celebrities who are too skinny”, talking about the negative impact of being too skinny.

Here is what can happen to your body if you’re too skinny;

1. Anemia. Lack of energy and fatigue is a symptom of anemia. Other symptoms include irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness and headache. Anemia is a disease of the blood that occurs when there’s a deficiency of red blood cells. These blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to the organs. When there is a lack of red blood cells, your body becomes tires and you can run into problems with your organs.
2. Not having any fat. Yep, fat is needed. You don’t want to have too little or too much. Here’s why: Fat produces estrogen. Both men and women need it for healthy bones. Without enough estrogen, bones become brittle and prone to breakage. That leaves both sexes at risk for osteoporosis. There is no amount of milk in the world that can compensate for osteoporosis risks.

3. Miscarriages. Sounds horrible? It is! Women who are too skinny will not only have a problem becoming pregnant, but if they do conceive there is an extremely high rate that the body will miscarry the baby within the first trimester. People who are too skinny have bodies already working on overtime to compensate for the related deficiencies as a result of the lack of fat and red blood cells. Supporting a child in an unhealthy body isn’t likely to happen.

Everyone here at Odom Health & Wellness wants the best for our clients. If we feel someone is taking their training or weight loss to an unhealthy level- we will step in. If you feel there is a problem with your self-perception, please contact us. We are happy to provide the right medical and mental health resources.

Note from Dom Health & Wellness: This is a hard topic to swallow, literally. OHW is a safe place of healing and encouragement. We know that many women who have experienced the complications mentioned would never intend to harm themselves or anyone else. Because body image can be influenced and skewed without intention, OHW has the goal of helping individuals view their body through the right perspective-one of health, happiness and the desire to improve yourself and your health safely. Please contact us if you are unsure about your weight or how your body image has been influenced. We have experienced and capable professionals that want to help you find balance and beauty in your body.