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3 Healthy Recipe Substitutions and Tips

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Healthy Living, Nutrition Info

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I had to share these 3 healthy recipe substitutions and tips with y’all from Chef Richard Blais. He recently lost 50 pounds and has a new food show focused on chefs that make their dishes healthier. Check out three of his calorie saving tips below that were featured in a magazine.

1. Roast and grind mushrooms, and substitute them for half the beef in your hamburger. This swap reduces saturated fat and calories while adding umami, the savory flavor in mushrooms that makes your mouth water. “This therefore increases flavor impact. It’s a win-win.”

2. Make an indulgent rice dish with a more healthful grain: Substitute steel-cut oats for rice in risotto, or quinoa for rice in a fried-rice dish. “A great way to add health benefits and come off as a creative genius.”

3. Making apple pies or apple turnovers? Substitute cinnamon or vanilla for some of the sugar. “Our minds register cinnamon and vanilla as sweet, but they aren’t.” It might take a little experimentation, but you can cut both calories and carbohydrates.