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New Yoga Teacher at Odom Health & Wellness in Minnetonka, Minnesota

by | May 30, 2018 | General Info

We are extremely excited to be offering yoga once again at our Odom Health & Wellness clinic in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  Annie Semlak is not only a massage therapist at Odom Health & Wellness, she is also a certified yoga instructor.

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Class description: 


Annie is delighted to have the privilege of sharing yoga with the Odom Health & Wellness

community by offering a recovery-style class focused on bringing awareness to both internal and

external states upon entering your yoga practice with intentional breath awareness, then working

to build warmth in your body through linking breath to movement before allowing your body to

surrender into poses held for longer periods of time, designed to release tension in your connective

tissue in order to increase mobility within your body.



Increased mobility

Decrease in chronic pain

Increase in Stability/Balance

Increase in Strength

Increase in focus/concentration

Reduced anxiety/stress

Meet Annie:

Annie was introduced to yoga through an aunt in 2013 while nearing the end of a long-term battle with anorexia and bulimia.  She rediscovered it in 2015 when she was working as a massage therapist at a gym; after her first few classes, she was hooked.  Over the next three years: yoga became a sacred space to come to at any point in the day to slow down, surrender her day’s worries and troubles, create space for peace and calm in the midst of a chaotic or busy life and take time to intentionally breathe into her body, quiet her mind, find stillness in her soul and gratitude in her heart.  It became a creative outlet for movement and a source of inspiration to fuel her purposes as a massage therapist as well.

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She had been considering teacher training since 2015, when she was encouraged to enroll by one of her favorite instructors.  She eventually did- on a whim- in January 2018.   She found herself engulfed in a beautiful community of caring and compassionate individuals and a great learning environment that encouraged growth, self-discovery, vulnerability and authenticity along with practical experience teaching through CorePower Yoga’s 200-hour certification training program and Extensions mentorship program.


Give us a call to schedule, or drop in to Annie’s class at 6:30 pm on Monday nights starting June 4th

Call:  952-224-1919

email: office@odomsportsmd.com