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Are You Wearing the Right Running Shoe?

by | Jul 20, 2013 | General Info

When you run wearing the right shoe is very important. Not only does the right shoe help you run faster and harder, it offers support and can prevent injury. We here at Odom Health & Wellness suggest taking time to buy the right shoe. We also suggest walking out if the sales person can’t take time to help you find the right shoe.

You want to buy a running shoe from a sales person who knows about basic biomechanics. He or she should also talk with you about your current training regime and then your training goals. Shoe size and price are not the main points for concern when buying running shoes.

Most importantly, your running shoes need to provide comfort. Don’t buy a shoe that isn’t comfortable. You won’t run properly in them-no matter what rating the shoes have.

Dr. John Odom can provide some valuable insight as to what types of shoes work best with specific running goals, health concerns, and more. He can also answer questions about barefoot running, which is really popular right now.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment if you’re a runner and in need of some help with PT, diet and exercise, or pain management. In the meantime, below are a list of the most popular and comfortable running shoes on the market.

Saucony Progrid Guide 5
Asics Gel Kayano
Brooks Trance 11

New Balance 880 V3
Adidas Adistar Boost
Brooks PureConnect 2 –