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Weight Loss in Eden Prairie, MN

Weight Loss Services Available in , MN

One of our wellness services available in , MN is our weight loss system. The Odom weight loss system is developed and supervised by clinical experts. Our weight loss system is focused on the whole person and is customized to personal needs and current health.

, MN Weight Loss

Our weight loss system serving the , MN area is made up of four tiers. The first weight loss tier is an initial assessment, this is done before your personalized program begins. The second weight loss tier is nutrition and meal planning with a licensed dietitian. The third weight loss tier is personal training and exercise planning, in which your personal trainer will lead you through custom workouts designed to stimulate weight loss. Finally, the last step in the weight loss program is constant monitoring, this is designed for accountability and motivation.

Weight Loss Services in , MN

If you are in the , MN area and want to start your weight loss journey, our team of clinical experts are ready to get you started. Our weight loss experts use clinically proven and effective weight loss methods for nutrition planning and exercise programming. Our individualized weight loss plans are affordable and sustainable so you can reach your goals and maintain your health long term.