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Physical Therapy in Eden Prairie, MN

Physical Therapy Available in , MN

Our physical therapy services focus on precise diagnostics, cutting edge treatment, and giving our patients long lasting results. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy serving the , MN area are highly trained in pinpointing the source of pain and putting together a customized treatment program for your specific injury. Part of our customized approach to physical therapy is finding the correct treatment to the correlative injury to get fast results and help you reach your goals. 

, MN Physical Therapy

Our Odom Health team, serving the , MN area, provides empowering movement training based on our patient first approach. Our one-on-one physical therapy sessions are customized to your needs and centered around you. Our physical therapy treatments include Soft Tissue Mobilization, Graston, Dry Needling, Joint Mobilization, Spinal Manipulation, Injury-specific strengthening, Run Gait Analysis, Return to Run Programming, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Postpartum Therapy, and more. 

Physical Therapy in , MN

At Odom Health and Wellness we provide a collaborative approach to physical therapy with multiple disciplines in our clinic including our sports medicine medical doctors, massage therapists, registered dietitians, and athletic trainers. Our physical therapy staff at , MN is dedicated to patient goals and our comprehensive physical therapy approach ensures that no patient falls through the cracks.