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Mary Krueger

Massage Therapist, NCTMB
Mary Krueger


Mary decided to pursue massage and bodywork after experiencing an auto accident and utilizing different therapies for recovery.  This is when she became passionate about providing massage in the rehabilitation environment.  Not only through her personal experience, but also through her training, she realized the incredible impact soft tissue work has in aiding the body in the healing process.

Mary utilizes a variety of massage and bodywork techniques.  She is currently pursuing further education in bodywork, specifically Myoskeleton Alignment Techniques, which focus on how the brain functions, and its effect on the body, with the goal of “treating pain patterns and not just the pain.”  She has certifications in Manual Lymph Drainage, Positional Release Techniques, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, and Trigger Point Therapy, along with others.

Mary has excellent experience not only as a massage therapist but also as a business woman in the corporate world. Her previous career and work experience allow her to understand the stressors and demands that a busy and active lifestyle put on the body. She has a wonderful, therapeutic touch and technical knowledge that helps your body heal while relaxing.

She is a Northwestern Health Sciences University graduate of the School of Massage Therapy, holds her National Certification for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.