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The Worst Weekend Foods for Your Health!

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Nutrition Info, Stress Relief, Weight Loss and Maintenance

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Here at Odom Health & Wellness, we spend a lot of time talking fitness and nutrition. Our goal is to have our clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well, sometimes this is easier said than done. I recently spoke with a person (not a client) who said they did well with exercise and nutrition until Friday night. She went on to explain that she formulated a “weekend living” diet. Puzzled, I had to ask what this diet was. As you all may know by now, Odom Health & Wellness believes in continuous clean living and whole food consumption. We’re not keen on diets.

The woman’s “weekend living” diet meant she drank water all week. Monday through Friday she had nothing but water and salads with no dressing. While this sounds healthy, it’s not. She wasn’t allowing herself room for protein consumptions, etc. Then she went on to tell me what happens Friday nights at 7pm.

Friday night this same woman would allow herself to eat whatever she wanted. She said she would drink beer, eat ice-cream and consume meals at her favorite fast food restaurants. Not only is this method counterproductive, it could harm one’s body. I should mention that she still went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday mornings, followed by doughnuts and whipped cream topped coffee. Again, this method is counterproductive to say the least. And until 7am on Monday morning, this woman lived this way every weekend.

I’m sharing her story not to shame her, but to help everyone understand and apply it for the holiday week coming up on Monday. Holidays shouldn’t be your “weekend living” diets. A celebration doesn’t mean exercises followed by doughnuts- or whatever else you shouldn’t be consuming. Losing weight or just staying fit means consistency. Sure, you should treat yourself- but in moderation.

Encouraging you to not have a rock star mentality about food and fitness this holiday season.