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Why Physical Therapy?

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Healthy Living, Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an incredibly important field as it can help people of all ages with all types of injuries and problems. Physical therapy programs not only help people to return to their previous lifestyles and routines, but can also create more strength and and stability in the body than ever before. Physical therapy is instrumental in treating areas of the body after suffering an affliction and can also be used as a preventative measure to protect the body against future problems or injuries.

Of the many uses for physical therapy, here are some particularly important benefits to this practice:

Reduction and Elimination of Pain

Many therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques can help reduce painful symptoms, some of which include joint and soft tissue mobilization, taping or electrical stimulation. These techniques can target muscular and joint function to not only reduce current pain but also prevent painful symptoms from reoccurring.

Recovery and Prevention of Sports Injuries

Many athletes turn to physical therapy for injury treatment as well as preventative exercises to avoid reoccurring issues in their chosen field. Physical therapists are able to take their knowledge of how various physical activities involved in sports can effect the body and apply it to each patient to provide exercise and recovery plans to get people back into the game as soon as possible.

Management of Age-Related Issues

With aging comes a host of possible physical limitations and issues. Physical therapy can help to manage and treat a whole variety of these. For example, some older adults develop arthritis or osteoporosis, and both of these ailments can be managed through physical therapy treatments. Trouble with balance and possibility of falling are also two factors that can increase with age, and physical therapy exercises can improve coordination and promote safer movement habits. If the lack of balance has to do with problems with the vestibular system, physical therapists can even provide care to restore this functionality and reduce symptoms from these conditions (such as dizziness and vertigo).


Overall, the benefits to physical therapy are practically endless. This practice can treat a whole host of problems from sports injuries, to medical conditions, to issues that simply come with aging. If you wish to learn more about the physical therapy program at our clinic, or to set up an appointment with a member of our staff, please call us at 952-224-1909 or email us at office@odomsportsmd.com!