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The Real Way to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Fitness Info, Functional Medicine, Healthy Living, Nutrition Info, Weight Loss and Maintenance

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New Year, New You: Making Resolutions Real and Not Just Written

Did you set New Year’s Resolutions on January 1? Setting resolutions is a great way to gain perspective and direction for the year, but have you set resolutions in the past only to find yourself in February or April with little to no progress? What is the key to turning healthy intentions into healthy habits? What is the secret to how to make your New Year’s resolutions so they stick?

There is a difference between a resolution and a goal.

Resolution (rez-uh-loo-shun n)

A formal expression of opinion or decision made. A resolve or determination.

Goal (gohl n)

The result or achievement toward which effort is made. An aim.

 Setting goals will help you achieve your resolution and the goals can give you actions to accomplish daily. The secret is to break your goals down small enough. High and lofty resolutions are great, but small goals are things you can do each day to get there.

Here are some examples on how to turn your list of resolutions into measurable goals to make 2013 a great year, not only in January, but all the way into December.

New Year's Resolutions


Resolution: Quit drinking sodas.

Goal: Drink at least 64 ounces of water each day and 96 ounces of water at least three days each week.


Resolution: Be able to jet ski with my kids this summer….without getting hurt.

Goal: Spend 5 minutes stretching my hamstrings, quadriceps, arms and back once a day, every day.


Resolution: Spend more time with my family.

Goal: Plan at least one sit down dinner at the table with the whole family at home each week. (It might take logistical creativity, but have the family make dinner together).


Resolution: Go gluten free. Or low carb. I mean vegan…..Or maybe just eat better.

Goal: Focus on eating at least three different vegetables in one day for at least four days out of the week. (You get a gold star for seven out of seven days).


Resolution: Take advantage of the many outdoor activities available to me in Minnesota.

Goal: Pick one new, outdoor activity to try each week for eight weeks at a time. (Borrow snow shoes and trek around a lake; bike on the trail to a fun destination; play tennis this summer; sign up for a 5K in the fall).


Resolution: Start feeling better. Period.

Goal: Figure out how much sleep my body needs and get it. (Research is showing us how crucial sleep is for disease prevention and optimal cognitive performance.) Adults need 7-9 hours per night so get seven hours of sleep for two weeks straight and bump up the amount of time if you are still yawning when you get up.


Resolution: Get rid of flab and get more “toned.”

Goal: Pick a body weight circuit of exercises you can do at home (talk to our trainer, John Edwards, for ideas) and do it four times a week. (Talk to your doctor first if you don’t currently work out or add this circuit in addition to your current routine.)


Resolution: Be a better person.

Goal: Take thirty minutes in January, April, July and October to list the top ten areas in your life that receive your time, attention and money. Are there any areas that need to be reprioritized?


These are just a couple ideas on how to turn a resolution into doable goals. If you set your goals, share your goals for accountability and stay motivated, you’ll begin to see progress soon!

Don’t let the momentum of a new year die down before you make a determined decision to achieve bigger and better things this year.