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The 411 on Nutrition Counseling.

by | Apr 5, 2013 | General Info

We here at Odom Health & Wellness believe that nutrition counseling is important for a variety of reasons. Many people tend to think of nutrition counseling as a luxury service. In fact, nutrition counseling can help improve one’s quality of life, heal from an injury faster, lose the weight quicker, and it can help prevent (or manage) medical challenges. Our company, Odom Health & Wellness, has been promoting nutrition counseling for the people of Minnesota since day one. We have a licensed clinical dietitian on board to ensure every client receives accurate and personalized recommendations for his or her specific circumstances.

What exactly is nutrition counseling? Our registered and licensed dietitian, Maggie Eaton, RD, LD, is available to answer all of your questions. Ms. Eaton is partnered with Whole Foods and she provides seminars as needed. Nutrition counseling is an important element when it comes to your health vs. physical activity. The service can also address any medical challenges you may have or want to prevent. We start off by discussing your specific circumstances and goals. The service includes a review of your family history, daily eating habits, current physical goals and your past failures with both diet and exercise. The more honest you are with yourself during this initial consultation- the better your results will be. Nutrition counseling is about your life. How you eat, what you eat , and even when you eat can positively impact your life in many ways. Our nutrition counseling services help you map out the way to a healthier life simply by changing your own eating habits.

We want you to know that nutrition counseling helps people change from the inside out. When you sign up for nutrition counseling you’re making a lifestyle transition. The service addresses everything from gaining more stamina for marathon running to combating health issues such as, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, dyslipidemia and even congestive heart failure. Having in-depth information related to your own diet is valuable. The information compliments any training program you may be seeking or are currently on.

Our company works with a licensed dietitian because we are results driven. We don’t believe in helping clients lose weight. We believe in changing the way people eat in order to help them change their lives for the better! For more information on our nutrition counseling services, or to speak with Ms. Eaton directly, please give our office a call!