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Testimonial: Natalie

by | May 11, 2017 | General Info


I have had many nasty falls over the past 40 years riding, training and starting horses including breaking a hip, leg, and getting really banged up on several occasions where I had to walk with a cane.


lyle fall

I had been going to the chiropractor weekly for 5 years, which was very helpful.  However, 3 years ago, I had 2 horrendous falls during the same jumping lesson.  Although I was banged up good I wasn’t hurt terribly bad.  Several months after those falls my sciatica really started to bother me on my right leg.  I was still going to the chiropractor and had some extra visits because of the fall, but the pain wasn’t going away and was getting worse.  I tried everything: Pilates, Yoga, massage, stretching, Graston, biking and mattress pads.  I bought a very expensive new mattress and box spring and another super thick mattress pad.  Nothing made a difference.  I could only sleep 2 hours at a time and if I moved at all during the night my sciatica would “SCREAM” at me and it would take 1 to 2 hours to quiet down.  It was NOT good.  I wasn’t getting enough beauty rest and was basically in pain all the time.  I wan’t comfortable sitting down either.  Not a comfortable chair for me in the entire house.  I could not go on like this anymore.  It had been 2 years!   I was finally referred to Odom.  They got me in the day I called.  I whizzed over that afternoon.


Dr. Odom thought that with some strengthening exercises it could be managed.  Ha!  I’m thinking.  Really?!  I’m 5’11” and not a dedicate, petite flower of a gal.  More like an Amazon.  I have a physical, active job boarding horses, teaching lessons and training horses.  I have a husband, 2 adult boys and I run our business as well as do all the cooking, shopping, etc.  You girls no what I mean.  I am high energy and don’t dilly dally around.  More muscle?  That seemed a little weird and unlikely.


Proceeding on!  I have my first appointment with the Odom Health & Wellness physical therapy team within a couple of weeks.  They check me all out and send me home with a handful of stretches.  I sleep pain free that night!  I think, “Wow!”  “I’m healed!”  I do them every day.  I don’t go back to Odom because I’m sleeping all night for the most part so I’m good!  If I do the stretches I sleep and if I don’t, I don’t sleep so good.  This lasts about 6 months.  The stretches aren’t working very well anymore, but I stick it out another 6 months and realize I have got to make a call.


I go back in and see the Odom Team.  There is more.


More?  Ok.  Little did I know!

IMG_0251.122134306_stdI am was given a new arsenal of strengthening exercises for muscles that I didn’t know I had and apparently don’t get used. With the help of the Odom Health & Wellness team I have finally got my act together.  “My Team” comes up with a daily routine, that I can remember, without looking at the cheat sheets or a sticky note, and I can get done in a short amount of time with good results.  I still catch myself “doing it wrong” , but now that I’m aware of it I can correct myself and I know that if I start to backslide, my new friends at Odom will be there to help.



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