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Steve Kowalke

Chief Operating Officer
Steve Kowalke

Steve Kowalke, as the Chief Operating Officer, is passionate about keeping operations at Odom Health and Wellness smooth and effective while maintaining our fun and energetic culture. His goal is to provide the best service and outcomes for our patients.

Steve has worked in finance and management consulting since 1980.  As treasurer of Target Corporation, he was responsible for financing, investments, risk Management and taxes.  After a 25-year career at Target, Steve formed 7 Peaks Consulting, which assists non-profit and for-profit companies with financial management, organizational design, and leadership development.  As a patient of Odom Health and Wellness, Steve was attracted to the quality of care he received, the team’s dynamism, and our clinic’s outcomes.  We’re ecstatic that he has joined the team.

Steve enjoys being outdoors cycling, hiking and snowshoeing. He’s also a bit of a foodie and always welcomes new restaurant recommendations!