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Bobbi Horner, RDN, LD

Dietitian Nutritionist
Bobbi Horner
Bobbi is originally from Grand Forks, ND where she attended the University of North Dakota earning degrees in dietetics, community nutrition and exercise science. She was a multi-sport athlete in high school and quickly realized how important nutrition was for her overall performance and recovery. Practice was vital but if Bobbi did not fuel with the right foods her performance suffered. From then on, nutrition has been a passion for Bobbi. She is also a personal trainer and has firstfhand experience in how the combination of nutrition and exercise can have a huge impact on someone’s overall health and wellbeing.

Bobbi has 10 years’ experience serving clients’ nutrition needs in both clinical hospital settings as well as in wellness and fitness environments. Bobbi embraces a whole person approach to nutrition and is excited to use her training and experience to design innovative and practical nutrition programs for her clients. She does not believe in a one size fits all approach to nutrition but she will help you find what is the right nutrition plan for your body, metabolism, goals and lifestyle. Bobbi specializes in helping people with weight loss, gut disorders, sports nutrition, food sensitivities, diabetes and many other nutrition related issues.

Bobbi has a passion for being active especially if that involves the Minnesota outdoors. Activities she loves are biking, hiking, running and walking around the lakes, boxing and volleyball. Travel is a priority and every year she tries to check a few locations off her adventure list. Bobbi is committed to helping you on your journey of health and wellness.