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Sports Nutrition in Eden Prairie, MN

Sports Nutrition in , MN

At Odom Health and Wellness in , MN we offer one on one sports nutrition counseling to help you meet your nutritional and overall health goals. Sports nutrition counseling gives you the accountability you need to ensure your goals are met. Our sports nutrition counseling services give you a customized approach to nutrition by providing you a nutrition plan for your body, metabolism, goals and lifestyle. 

, MN Sports Nutrition

Our sports medicine team in , MN offers personalized sports medicine and nutrition care for all ages and skill levels. Whether you are an activity lover or a professional athlete, we take the same approach to individualized treatment plans. We understand the importance of nutrition to sports and athletic performance and take into consideration a person’s age, gender, hormones, stresses, sleep, activity level, and pain when creating a customized care and nutrition plan.

Sports Nutrition in , MN

Our sports nutrition counseling experts meet you wherever you are in your journey. Our individualized approach to nutrition counseling will lay the groundwork to your future health & wellness. Our nutritional counseling experts in , MN will give you an innovative and practical nutrition program designed for your life and sport.