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Sports Medicine & Nutrition Counseling

by | Apr 15, 2013 | General Info

Did you know that nutrition counseling is an important element when it comes to comprehensive sports medicine? In fact, we here at Odom Health & Wellness try to educate our clients on why nutrition counseling plays such a major role when it comes to both injury prevention and post-injury recovery. How we eat can determine how fast we heal or how fragile our bones are. Our registered and licensed dietitian, Maggie Eaton, RD, LD, works with a wide-variety of athletes to improve stamina, strength and recovery.

Nutrition counseling is specifically important to a sports medicine plan or athlete because this component provides education that will stick with a person throughout their lives. We all know that the major source of fuel for active muscles are carbohydrates-which gets stored in the muscles as glycogen in the days before exercise. As athletes use muscles, they use up glycogen. This is where the consumption of carbohydrates becomes so important to prevent or heal from a sports injury. Even more important is how and when the carbohydrates are consumed, which is why Ms. Eaton’s advice is so valued by our clients and our team!

Energy bars, chocolate milk and pastas are all great for athletes when consumed in the right portions and at the right time. However, loading up on carbohydrates isn’t ideal for the everyday person and, sometimes, not a great idea for athletes seeking to recover from an injury. Food plays a critical role in everything we do as people- especially for athletes. What goes into the body can promote or injure the body. Negligence shouldn’t be an excuse- not when companies, like ours, provide well-trained professionals to guide athletes in the right direction. We not only offer personal training, we offer nutrition counseling so every aspect of one’s game is addressed.

If you’re an athlete, or even a weekend warrior, and you have questions about your performance, improving stamina or healing faster- then a consultation with Ms. Eaton will be worth its weight in gold. The amount of detailed information she is able to provide to your individual circumstances and goals is detailed and easy to understand. All athletes and athletic departments are encouraged to contact our company for a complete consultation.