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Soft Tissue Support Pack

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Functional Medicine, Healthy Living

If you have been a client of Dr. Odom, or seen any of the Physical Therapists, there’s a good chance they have recommended taking the Ortho Molecular Soft Tissue Support Pack. Maybe you took it for a little while but didn’t see any reason to continue taking it. For many clients with chronic joint pain this supplement is not only a great way to support ongoing recovery of their injuries, but also a good way to help prevent further damage. Today, I’m breaking down the different nutrients in this amazing supplement to help you understand why we recommend it so often.


The Soft Tissue Support Pack contains several systemic enzymes, which the body can use to break down scar tissue and decrease inflammation. When taken on an empty stomach the body will use these enzymes to break down compounds that cause inflammation. It might sound strange, but acute (short term) inflammation is a good thing and is the body’s way of protecting itself. Think about a sprained ankle; the pain and swelling keeps you from walking on the injury, but if it stayed that way you would never be able to walk. Eventually the inflammation goes away as the injury heals. Chronic inflammation, such as tendonitis, is problematic since the affected area has not healed properly, may have built up scar tissue, and continues to remain inflamed. Systemic enzymes act like little pac-men and eat up the inflammation. For one client, these enzymes were what helped her finally overcome her plantar fasciitis and get back to exercising.


As I just mentioned, some inflammation is good, but chronic inflammation is bad. Many physicians recommend taking an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain; but these drugs, known as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (or NSAIDs), come with many side effects when taken long term. Studies show that while they may reduce your pain, they actually lengthen the time it takes for your injury to heal. The natural anti-inflammatories bromelain and turmeric (cucummin) used in the Soft Tissue Support Pack help reduce pain without slowing down the healing process.


Quercetin, Rutin, Hesperidin, and Hibiscus Flower are all flavonoids and part of the vitamin C family that support healthy tendon and ligament function. Vitamin C increases the proper formation of collagen, your body’s most abundant protein. This is the protein that is used to make skin, hair, nails, and all soft tissue including your blood vessels, tendons, and ligaments.


Ortho Molecular also includes GABA, Glycine, Cramp Bark, and Dong Ouai Root to help support muscle relaxation and recovery. These nutrients work on the Central nervous system and decrease nerve activity, which in turn helps decrease muscle spasms. This makes the healing process much easier.

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