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Weight Loss


Odom Health & Wellness designs individual medical weight loss programs that work.

The approach our medical weight loss clinic takes includes four tiers of engagement:

  • Assessment
  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Personal Training and Exercise Planning
  • Constant Monitoring

Every client is unique. Let Odom’s team create a customized weight loss plan that caters to your body and your goals.



Meet with Dr. John Odom MD, MPH or Bobbi Horner for an initial assessment before beginning your program. They will order and review your lab work and then advise a medically supervised weight loss program to match your needs. Dr. Odom and Bobbi will monitor your progress throughout your program will be available when you have questions regarding your plan of care.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

A registered and licensed dietitian will meet with you (you determine the length and frequency of meetings that works for you) to provide nutrition counseling. Together you will develop a customized nutrition plan for the weight loss phase and the maintenance phase using proven weight loss principles. Through conversations and email, we’ll keep you invested and on track with your custom meal plan for weight loss success. Our experienced dietitian will monitor and adjust your nutrition plan to promote steady and safe weight loss.

Personal Training and Exercise Planning

Schedule personal training sessions (you determine the length and frequency that works for you) to receive a customized weekly workout plan. Our staff is experienced in rehabilitation so your weight loss workout plan will be safe and effective no matter your fitness level or limitations. Your personal trainer for weight loss will push you to reach your potential as well as teach you how to exercise for the rest of your life.

Constant Monitoring

We are committed to your success along your weight loss journey. We provide accountability to help you achieve your weight loss goals and keeping you on track.

How to Lose Weight Safely

ODOM weight loss system is:

  • Developed and supervised by a team of clinical experts
  • Based on a combination of clinically proven and effective weight loss methods for nutrition planning and exercise programming
  • Customized to each individual to meet your personal needs and current health
  • Created to be affordable and sustainable so you can reach your goals and maintain your success for the long-term
  • Focused on the whole person

Insurance Coverage

Nutrition counseling is often covered by your insurance and Odom Health & Wellness is in-network with most insurance companies.

Request an appointment at Odom to start your weight loss journey!