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Direct Primary Care

A Personalized Health Care Model for You and Your Family

Odom’s Monthly Plan Covers All Your Basic Healthcare Needs

John Odom

Getting sick is expensive. Urgent care visits, doctor bills and crowded wait rooms make getting the right treatment difficult if not impossible for many. Enter the direct primary care model. You pay a modest monthly fee for unlimited access to all the basic healthcare that your family needs from the doctors you trust.

We know you never plan for a healthcare issue but it’s comforting to know you have medical support when you need it. Get same or next day appointments with the option for in person or virtual visits when you don’t want to leave the house. Direct Primary Care is a budget-friendly healthcare solution that is changing the way families see their doctor.


Simple and Easy Enrollment

For $80/month for adults and $35/month for adolescents, your membership gets you fast access to the direct primary care physicians you trust. This fee covers:
  • unlimited visits – either virtual or in person
  • basic primary care services included
  • basic annual lab tests included
  • direct to provider text messaging and email with same day response

Healthcare without the Guesswork

Copays, insurance premiums, and out-of-network costs can make it difficult to know how much your healthcare will cost you. With a direct primary care plan, you get unlimited visits with your preferred direct primary care providers without the hidden costs.

At Odom’s primary medical clinic, adults pay $80/month and adolescents pay $35/month for exceptional personalized care. There are no hidden fees, copays or extra costs for you to see the Odom team that puts your health and wellness first.


Contact Odom today to learn more about our Direct Primary Care program. We love taking care of families like yours.

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Direct Primary Care vs Traditional Care

The direct payment model gives you more immediate access to healthcare from your primary provider. Here are the major differences:


Hospital Care Model Direct Clinic Model
Unknown costs Flat monthly rate
Complicated billing Simple fee
First come, first served Easy appointments
Incohesive health plan Consistent care at your primary medical clinic
Lack of follow up communication Easy access to follow up steps
Likelihood of unresolved conditions Continually managed care
Unnecessary referrals Referred to specialists only as needed
Blanket care Personalized care



How Does Direct Primary Care Work?

Think of it as a health club with a different set of benefits. For $80/month for adults and $35/month for adolescents, your membership gets you fast access to the direct primary care physicians you trust. This fee covers unlimited visits – either virtual or in person – and basic annual lab tests.

When you contact us for an appointment, you get a same day text, email or phone call. From there we set up your wellness appointment to occur the same day or within the next business day. If your medical issue doesn’t resolve, it’s easy to schedule as many follow up visits as you need to get complete care.

There are no hidden fees or extra costs because the contract is between you and our clinic, not your insurance company. We bill you alone and always keep the price of additional services transparent.

Direct Primary Care: Pros and Cons

The benefits of direct primary care are easy to see. You get personalized care from your preferred provider while only paying an upfront monthly fee. This covers the cost of your visit and basic care. It gives you more control over your healthcare with fewer hassles and costs.

Because this payment model only covers your basic primary care and operates outside of the insurance system, you are still encouraged to carry health insurance. If you need to see a specialist or require emergency care, you will need insurance coverage to manage those costs.


What is direct primary care?

It is a member-based healthcare model that gives you access to direct primary care doctors for a flat membership fee vs navigating your health insurance provider’s network.

Is direct primary care worth it?

Direct primary care is a great option for families who want on-demand basic medical attention and advice. It gives you a direct line to your family doctor whenever you need and can be a great comfort for busy parents when kids or household members become sick without ever tapping into your insurance deductible.

What is a direct primary care model?

Our healthcare model provides you with fast and personalized care for a basic monthly membership fee. As a member, you’ll receive a same-day response to your medical inquiry and an appointment within a day of your request.

Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. Health insurance is an important safety measure to carry. Even though direct primary care operates outside of your health insurance plan, we recommend you maintain your policy to pay for specialists or in the event that you require emergency care.