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Senior Citizens and Physical Therapy

by | Mar 17, 2014 | Physical Therapy

Not too many seniors are quite sure as to why a doctor may suggest physical therapy. Many accept the prescription  but fail to ask the simple question ‘why’? We believe you have to be your own advocate in health care. This said, if your doctor isn’t providing the ‘why’ then perhaps you need to address the doctor. Regardless, doctors recommend physical therapy to seniors for a number of reasons. Most common is the reason of rehabilitation after an injury or procedure. Physical impairment from trips and falls can result in limited mobility or pain while moving. Even a fall without a broken bone may require physical therapy.

Your doctor may recommend one physical therapist but often, especially with different states hosting different PT laws, you have a choice as to who you see for physical therapy services.  Rating a physical therapist online is important because you share your experience with a PT and others can make insightful decisions as to whom to select. We encourage you to use this method when selecting a physical therapist, too.

Physical therapy prescriptions shouldn’t be intimidating to patients.  You are, again, your own advocate. If you decide to go with your doctor’s PT recommendation and you are not happy, ask to switch. Remember, you have to be the final decision maker when it comes to your health and wellness.