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Running Gait Analysis in Edina, MN

Running Gait Analysis Available in Edina, MN

Running gait analysis is one of the sports medicine treatments we offer to the Edina, MN area. Our running gait analysis uses technology to help optimize running performance, decrease pain associated with running, and overall help you run more efficiently.

Edina, MN Running Gait Analysis

Our running gait analysis service available to the Edina, MN area can be used for injury diagnostics or to help optimize running performance. Our running gait analysis software and analytics help diagnose potential factors leading to injury. A running gait analysis reveals running related variables that may be leading to pain. Our running gait analysis can also be used to uncover variables that are leading to lack of efficiency and in turn help optimize your running performance for the future.

Running Gait Analysis in Edina, MN

Through a physical consultation and a running gait analysis, our educated staff serving the Edina, MN area can help problem-solve running injuries and help you return to a less painful running experience. For athletes and runners, in the Edina, MN area, looking to optimize performance or learn more about improving running economy, we encourage starting with a running gait analysis.