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Prolotherapy in Tonka Bay, MN

Prolotherapy Available in Tonka Bay, MN

Prolotherapy is one of the regenerative medicine options offered at our clinics serving the Tonka Bay, MN area. Prolotherapy is the injection of a stimulating solution at the sites of pain, weakness and breakdown which stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism to repair and rebuild injured tissue. Prolotherapy leads to stronger and more supportive structure.

Tonka Bay, MN Prolotherapy

If you are in the Tonka Bay, MN area and suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain, prolotherapy can help enhance your body’s process of naturally stimulating the healing system. Chronic musculoskeletal pain often results when ligaments or tendons have been weakened by strains or sprains. The attachment between the bone and ligament or tendon is generally the greatest source of pain in a joint injury. Prolotherapy injections occur at this location.

Prolotherapy in Tonka Bay, MN

Intentionally induced inflammation through dextrose prolotherapy injection stimulates the body to deposit collagen on the injured tissue, healing and restoring tissue that otherwise takes a long time to heal and often never completely heals. Prolotherapy is a regenerative medicine service we offer to those in the Tonka Bay, MN area, prolotherapy helps patients manage and relieve pain.