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Personal Training in Navarre, MN

Personal Training Available in Navarre, MN

At Odom Health and Wellness, we have personal training services available to individuals in the Navarre, MN area. Our initial baseline for personal training takes weight measurements, body composition, strength, and mobility to understand your body and build a plan that is individualized to your needs. We can also check hormone levels and vitamin deficiencies of personal trainees and provide continual testing and evaluation with blood draws and lab analysis.

Navarre, MN Personal Training

Our personal training programs serving the Navarre, MN area are designed to meet your specialized needs. Our professional training can be tailored to three areas: health, performance enhancement, and weight loss. Personal training for health targets cardiovascular health, boosting your immune system, brain function, mental health, and overall strength and function. Personal training for performance enhancement is designed to take your performance to the next level all while decreasing your potential for injury. Finally, personal training for weight loss uses a dedicated trainer to hold you accountable and make sure you achieve your weight loss goals.

Personal Training in Navarre, MN

Our certified personal trainers serving the Navarre, MN area play the role of coach, friend, and teacher. Our goal for our personal training services is to create a comfortable environment for training that allows individuals of all ages to achieve their wellness potential. If you’re in the Navarre, MN area and need assistance with general health, enhanced athletic performance or weight loss, our trained professionals are here to help provide a personalized training plan that is aligned with your body, your history, and your goals.