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Outdoor Cross Training Workouts and Ideas

by | Jul 12, 2013 | Fitness Info, Healthy Living, Weight Loss and Maintenance

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Need some cross training workouts and ideas? Summer is truly, finally here and the last thing you want to do is head indoors to workout inside four walls of a gym. It is still smart to do strength or resistance training each week but fortunately there are ways to cross train your muscles. Choose your outdoor activities strategically and play hard to get a good aerobic workout, strength workout or fat blasting workout each week.

Upper Body Cross Training Activities
Activity Length of Time Calories Burned Workout Benefits
Target Archery 30 mins 143 Raising and drawing a bow repeatedly will work your dominant shoulder, trap and lat.
Shooting Hoops 30  mins 184 Work your shoulder, tricep and forearm with each shot. Only one side will get attention unless you are ambidextrous.
Frisbee Golf 30 mins 122 The flicking motion of tossing a Frisbee will work your shoulder, deltoid and forearm.
Rock Climbing: Ascending and Rappelling 30  mins 388 Get a full body workout while working your forearms, biceps, triceps, lats and core pretty hard.
Softball Pitching 30 mins 245 You’re core, and upper body will get a workout from throwing, and swinging the bat will also work your upper body.
Digging, Spading, Composting 30 mins 204 Work your pushing and pulling muscles by digging a shovel in and pulling it out.
Canoeing: 2mph 1 hour 367 Steady repetition of this motion will make your shoulders, core and back sore the next day.
Lower Body Cross Training Activities
Activity Length of Time Calories Burned Workout Benefits
Outdoor Biking Intervals (Very Fast) 30 mins 490 You’ll feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves if you bike hard during intervals.
Family Track & Field Friday: long jump, triple jump, high jump, etc 30 mins 245 Show your kids how high you can jump and work your glutes, calves and quads.
Water Skiing 30 mins 245 You’ll get a great quad, glute and hamstring workout if you can stay up.


Aerobic Cross Training Activities
Activity Length of Time Calories Burned Workout Benefits
Dancing: Disco, Ballroom, Line, Polka 30 mins 184 Work your legs and core while getting fun cardio work in.
Touch Football 30 mins 327 The short bursts will give you a full body workout with high intensity cardio.
Swimming: Lake, Ocean or River 30 mins 245 Burn calories, work your heart muscle and get in a full body stretch.
Tennis: Doubles 1hour 400 This high intensity cardio will also work your legs, arms and core.
Volleyball: Light Play 1 hour 240 Dig deep and get a leg and core workout.
Hiking: Slight Incline 1 hour 490 Going uphill will work your glutes, hamstring and calves.
Jumping Rope 30  mins 400 This is big time cardio and will work your calves and arms.
Fast Walking 30 mins 260 Your calves and quads get worked while you pump your arms and your heart.


All Calorie calculations are specific to a 180 pound person.