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Obesity Week with Odom Health & Fitness

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Healthy Living, Sports Medicine, Weight Loss and Maintenance

Odom Health & Wellness is unable to provide nutrition and weight loss services for individuals living outside of Minnesota


Welcome to Obesity Week. Yes, our country’s waistline is growing and something has to be done. Each year more and more men, women and children are diagnosed with health problems linked to obesity- including diabetes.  As we super size our drinks, fries and meal portions, the decline of our nation’s health grows too.

As part of Obesity Week, The American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology and Obesity Society all have released new clinical practice guidelines to assist health care providers with the management of patients with obesity.  While all this information is pretty straight forward, losing the weight isn’t.  There are many issues associated with why someone can’t lose weight.  Hormonal issues, underlining medical issues, not understanding how much exercise has to be completed to burn a set number of calories, not being able to exercise due to injury, and so forth.

If you want a start in the right direction when it comes to losing weight, start with your shopping list.

Select the following items:

  • Fruits and vegetables from the produce aisles
  • Whole grains from the bakery
  • Low-fat milk products from the dairy case
  • Lean proteins from the meat/fish/poultry department

EatRight.org says:

The minimum for good health is 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. To reach a healthy weight, you may need to be physically active longer (60 minutes a day) or participate in more intense activities.” Dr. John Odom agrees!  You have to workout more in order to burn more fat. However, if you are severely overweight or have medical issues, you should seek out a medically supervised weight loss program, like the one we offer!

Regardless of how you start to lose weight, the key point is that you start. Use this week to make a commitment to yourself and to your health. Call us today for further options on weight loss, diet guidelines, a medical assessment and more!