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New Year’s Weight Loss Excuse Busters!

by | Dec 12, 2013 | General Info

Thinking about losing weight this holiday season? How about for the New Year? So, what is standing between you and your weight loss? Perhaps a few reasons, also known as excuses, as to why you may not be working towards your goal.

Well, we here at Odom Health & Wellness are listing our top three weight loss / workout excuse busters just in time to help the people of Minnesota commit to becoming leaner and healthier.

1)   Try a new class every month.  This will help you from getting in a rut with your routine. Try one new class every month for fitness, even if you only go once – try it.

2)   Schedule breaks from your desk to go out side. The sun can do wonders for your mood. Yes, stress can make you gain weight. And, if you walk while you’re outside- your working off even more calories!

3)   Walking has become boring. If you agree with this statement, contact us. We can help you develop a weight training routine, which is important, to replace your walking routine for a while.

Don’t let boredom or temptation take you away from a slimmer body in 2014.


Happy Holidays!

Odom Health & Wellness