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Mary Deeg Patient/Athlete Testimonial

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Fitness Info, Functional Medicine, General Info, Healthy Living, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Women's Health

We were very happy to hear about Mary Deeg’s recent success with triathlon performance after starting a plan of care with us at Odom Health & Wellness.

Listen to the wonderful success story of a local triathlete who wanted to increase her performance during training and races. With the help of our Minnesota based sports medicine and physical therapy team, Mary Deeg was able to become faster and stronger on race day.

If you or somebody you know in the Twin Cities area is looking for help with physical therapy, sports medicine, gait analysis, performance training, nutrition, or wellness, give us a call at 952-224-1919 or email us at office@odomsportsmd.com

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