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Knee Arthritis in Edina, MN

Knee Arthritis Edina, MN

If you suffer from chronic knee pain or arthritic knees our team at Odom Health & Wellness in Edina, MN is here to help. We will find a non-surgical knee pain treatment plan that works for you and allows you to get back to your life!

Edina, MN Knee Arthritis

Odom Health and Wellness in Edina, MN specializes in manual therapy, exercise based rehabilitation, and non-surgical knee pain treatment to help aid knee pain, knee arthritis and chronic knee conditions. We specifically treat knee arthritis using Hyaluronic acid injection. HA injection is used to treat knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. By creating customized programs that are evidence-based, cutting edge, and individually tailored to the patient, we are confident we can help decrease your knee pain and other symptoms associated with knee arthritis. Our specially trained physical therapy teams will help to increase knee function and lessen your knee pain.

Knee Arthritis in Edina, MN

If you suffer from knee pain, visit any of our physical therapy and rehabilitation centers. Our innovative and proven techniques are designed to help you overcome chronic knee pain and arthritis through our non-surgical pain treatments. At Odom Health & Wellness in Edina, MN our goal is to aid our patients in recovery and to achieve a pain-free, happy, and healthy lifestyle.