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Is Your Body Bikini Ready?

by | Apr 25, 2013 | General Info

April is host to World Health Day. It is also the same month when women really start to think about bathing suit season. And with several summer weddings headed our way- even brides are looking to slim down and tone up. In fact, are you aware that April is the perfect time to start meeting with a licensed dietician for nutrition counseling? It is!

Nutrition counseling is an amazing service we offer because it is science-based and proven to help women safely lose weight, effectively tone muscle and build confidence. Odom Health & Wellness is privileged to have licensed dietitian, Maggie Eaton, RD, LD, available to assist our clients with concierge nutrition counseling services. We provide each person with a comprehensive and one-on-one initial session with Ms. Eaton. Your weight loss and fitness goals are reviewed, timelines addressed and your potential health challenges are assessed all before moving forward with a plan. We get to know you, you get to know us- and we work on improving your health one day at a time.

Our nutrition counseling services are designed to teach clients how to eat better in order to improve both your body and mood. Our services are medically-based and can truly compliment a personal trainer’s advice, especially when it comes to a workout routine. Nutrition counseling plays a vital role in deciding what to heat before and after you work out. You see, every aspect of our nutrition counseling services are personalized, which is important when it’s time to try on that summer bikini or wedding dress. Weight loss is hard enough. Imagine trying to lose the weight without knowing how to eat for your body? Not everyone has the same schedule, resources or metabolism. A personal trainer designs individualized programs that will work for each client’s particular body and situation. Our personal trainers do this – and so does our licensed dietician. Working with your body, not against it, will help you improve your health and lose the pounds quicker and safer.

Losing weight, for whatever the reason, is about making a change and developing healthier habits. Changing how you eat follows these same principals. Ms. Eaton provides free seminars at Whole Foods to employ basic nutritional guidelines in everyday meal planning. However, it is recommended to contact her for specific, friendly and affordable advice that will make a world of difference with one’s dress size.