Holiday Nutrition 2018

by | Dec 19, 2018 | General Info

1. Bring a healthy dish to share. One way to make sure you have a healthy option at a get-together is to bring it yourself. This can be as easy as bringing a veggie tray.

2. Have your favorite dish with no guilt. Saying no to everything makes us want it more and leaves us feeling deprived. Have a small portion of your favorite holiday dish and keep the guilt away for that day. Make sure to leave the leftovers there or give the rest away if you are hosting the party.

3. Careful of holiday grazing. Holidays often means having everyone gathered together at relatives’ homes. This can lead to a lot of snacking and grazing throughout the day. For instance, the bowl of nuts, the cheese plate, a cup of eggnog or grandma’s famous cookies are calling your name.  Take a serving and then move away from the treats. Focus your food intake on the meal.

4. Be mindful of your fullness cues. Holidays can bring overeating. Be sure to check in with yourself throughout your meal to access your level of fullness. This can help you from feeling overindulged, tired and feeling guilty. We can still be satisfied without overeating.

5. Take the focus off of the food. Holidays tend to be all about food and all day eating fests. Bring in some activities to move your focus away from eating all day. Go for a walk, play a board game, do a crafting project or tell stories of your past holidays. Start to build on experiences instead of just the traditions focused primarily on food.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks for the holidays or how to get back on track when they are over contact Odom Health and Wellness dietitian, Bobbi Horner.