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Healthy Valentine’s Day Story of Improved Health

by | Feb 13, 2014 | Fitness Info, Healthy Living, Nutrition Info, Weight Loss and Maintenance, Weight Loss Success Stories

Odom Health & Wellness is unable to provide nutrition and weight loss services for individuals living outside of Minnesota

I thought this was the perfect healthy Valentine’s Day story to share today. Love and and a wedding are big motivators to get healthier and feel confident in your own skin.

Katelyn Goodman is in love with her fiancé, Justin, and she is loving her new waistline too. The OHW team met Katelyn in March of 2013 after Justin had recently proposed to her. With their wedding date set for fall of 2014, Katelyn started working with the OHW team at the end of April in 2013. The goal for 2013 was to lower her percent body fat, build lean muscle mass and shrink inches around her torso. The goal for 2014 is to maintain her progress and solidify the wonderful, new habits she has developed and enjoys.

Katelyn is the sweetest and brightest gal. She is always positive. She is such a hard worker (she kicked butt every Thursday at our summer boot camp). And she didn’t let her busy schedule give her any excuses. Katelyn is a research graduate student at the University of Minnesota (I told you she is smart!) so she worked around several obstacles (hours in a no food/no liquid laboratory; group study sessions surrounded by junk food; and frequent happy hours after a busy class schedule) to find new habits that were doable.

Here is Katelyn’s progress by the numbers but let me tell you, Katelyn’s best progress is the fact that she has figured out how to make eating healthier and working out enjoyable and normal. This wasn’t just a temporary diet. She has found a lifestyle that is fun, healthy and not miserable.

Katelyn lost 36.8 pounds in nine months.

Her percent body fat dropped 13.6% from 44.1% to 30.5%

Her percent lean, muscle mass increased (built muscle) 5.4% from 24.7% to 30.1%

She dropped 7.5 inches around her waist.

She dropped 4 inches around her hips and 5.75 inches around her glutes.

Her fitness level and strength have drastically improved.

Not to mention how lovely and attractive she looks!

Here are some words directly from Katelyn:

“I cannot say how grateful I am to Maggie, John, Amanda, Kelsey and the rest of the Odom Health Team! I first heard of Odom Health and Wellness at the Twin Cities Wedding Fair, preparing for a wedding is great motivation to get in better shape. The entire team helped me transform my lifestyle in ways that I feel are completely sustainable for the time leading up to my wedding and beyond.

John was a fantastic trainer! He provided great workouts and he really motivated me to push myself. I really appreciated that a majority of the exercises aren’t ones that required fancy machinery so I am able to keep up with my training in my own home.

Maggie was absolutely amazing to work with as well. She helped me really talk through a lot of my misconceptions about eating and helped me see that having control over my eating patterns was really not that hard. I never felt like what I was doing was dieting or anything short term; it was more of an overall change. With Maggie’s help I feel I have developed much better eating habits and attitudes toward food. Together with the help of Kelsey and John, I was able to drop over 30lbs and a lot of inches! I feel like they provided me the tools to maintain my new lifestyle and thanks to them I will be able to look back on my wedding photos with pride.”

We loved working with Katelyn and we would love to work with you too! Whether or not you are preparing for a wedding, no time is better than now to start improving your health and feel confident in your own skin.