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When You Fall Away From Healthy Eating

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Healthy Food, Nutrition Info

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Here’s how it happened… you were sitting at home. It was late. The day was stressful. You have to pick up your Mother-In-Law from the airport in less than 5 hours. Your house is a mess. Your boss isn’t to thrilled with you being out last week because your kid was sick. The pressure of living in the real world is adding up and there it sits. Across from you, tempting you, staring back at you. The neighbor dropped off a tray of cookies. You know they taste good. You know they are full of fat and sugar and specs of deliciousness. You cave. You eat one. You eat two. You eat half (if not more) or the tray. You’ve fallen away from months of clean eating and healthy eating.
Scenarios, like the one mentioned above, happen every single day to each and every one of us. But you don’t have to feel like failure if you give in to stress by eating a tray of cookies. You haven’t lost the game, you just fell a little off track. You can and will get back on track. Don’t let a little temptation be an excuse for you to stray from your weight loss and wellness goals this holiday season.
Here are 3 quick tips to help you get back on track after a scenario of stressful events or a moment of weakness:
1. Start the next day off by drinking a glass of hot water within 20 minutes of waking up. The hot water will settle any over eating that occurred the day before and refresh your system. Make sure to follow this with your regular water routine.
2. Veggie it up. If you’re eating eggs for breakfast, toss in some grilled veggies. Wherever you can on the day after- add extra vegetables and fruits for the fiber to help clean your system out quickly.
3. Avoid regret and get moving. What is done is done. There is no sense on swelling how much or what you ate the day before. Instead, focus that energy on moving with either a brisk walk or light job to get your body and mind recharged!