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Don’t Eat Your Vegetables…. This Way.

by | Jun 18, 2013 | General Info

Eating vegetables is a terrible thing…. If you consume them a certain way. You see, eating veggies is great. Vegetables help to improve your health and keep your weight in check. But, if your veggies are covered in ranch or fried then the purpose of snacking on them to promote a healthy lifestyle is completely defeated.

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Here are the top worst “Veggie” offenders.

#1. Veggie Chips. The main ingredient usually is potatoes and corn, making this snack not that different when compared to regular chips. And the tri-colored veggie chips are rarely made from veggie extract. Instead, a chemically-manufactured colorant us used to mimic vegetables. Worst of all is many veggie chip brands are cooked in canola oil, a rapeseed derivative that is thought to be toxic to humans and animals. So, be careful when selecting veggie chips. There are some great brands out there, but you really have to dissect the label. Don’t assume the term “veggie chips” equates to a healthy snack.

#2. Vegetable Tempura. Why not just have friend ice-cream? Many “authentic” tempura recipes call for the over use of cornstarch and heaps of sugar. Anything fried should be avoided when possible, especially tempura. Remember, just because the word “vegetable” is in the title doesn’t mean you’re saving on calories.

#3. Vinaigrette Dressings. In general, vinaigrettes are typically healthier than creamy dressings. Many people accentuate their salads with Italian or Greek vinaigrettes. Again, check your labels. Store-bought vinaigrettes often use heaping amounts of honey or corn syrup to make them less tangy, which packs on the pounds. Using a good olive oil on salad is a simple and delicious way to promote a healthy lifestyle and avoid any dressing confusion.

Some vegetables can be bad for you when they are prepared wrong, processed, or covered in ranch dressing. Remember to always check your labels. If you have questions about your health, exercise or diet please contact us. Our mission here at Odom Health & Wellness is to promote your quality of life through honest and effective lifestyle strategies.