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Dancing with the Stars and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

by | Oct 2, 2013 | Sports Medicine

Dancing with the stars and platelet rich plasma therapy combined for an evening to remember. Billy Nye, the science guy, received platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) before his last performance on Dancing with the Stars after a knee injury that would otherwise have sidelined him without one last dance.

A USA Today article quoted Bill Nye’s conversation with Brooke Burke-Charvet on the most recent episode of Dancing with the Stars. He said, “The leg feels pretty good because we’ve been working on it. We’ve been icing and the red light, the cool laser, and so it’s pretty good.” She asked him about a “crazy treatment” he had undergone this week for the injury and he explained he had “platelet-rich plasma, which is where they take platelets from your blood in your arm, and poke them into the tendon and to-be-repaired area. It excites the cells in the right way to bring ’em around faster than they would otherwise.”

Check out his last performance. He didn’t move as much but PRP allowed him to move laterally, move his knee around and have one last entertaining performance with Dancing with the Stars.


Way to go Bill and thanks for introducing more of America to the healing properties of platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP).