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Corporate Wellness in New Hope, MN

Corporate Wellness Available in New Hope, MN

Our wellness services available to the New Hope, MN area includes corporate wellness. Some of the corporate wellness services we provide for company wellness include lunch and learn series, personal training, group fitness, nutrition counseling, support groups, smoking cessation and more. Corporate wellness services offer benefits to both employers and employees.

New Hope, MN Corporate Wellness

Our team serving the New Hope, MN area develop programs and services that will improve and maintain employee health while promoting a positive culture of employee appreciation and care. Corporate wellness employee benefits include chronic disease prevention, blood pressure and cholesterol management, personal health and safety practices, decrease in stress levels, increase in employee happiness, weight loss and obesity prevention, smoking cessation, and better nutrition. Corporate wellness employer benefits include lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, increased work productivity, higher employee retention, lower health care costs, and overall increased work morale.

Corporate Wellness in New Hope, MN

Odom Health & Wellness develops customized wellness programs for large corporations, small businesses and family owned companies in the New Hope, MN area. Our corporate wellness team assesses your company’s current needs and goals and then develops a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) format to determine the direction and focus of your corporate wellness program. Our programs are designed to meet your employee health and company financial goals. Studies have found that companies with wellness programs have 25% lower sick leave and disability insurance costs.