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Clinical Experiences and Physical Therapy in Minnesota

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Physical Therapy

Did you know we here at Odom Health & Wellness are focused on two areas of physical therapy services, not just one? So, what is the difference? None! We offer medical-supervised physical therapy services that exceed the standard protocols are far as patient advocacy and recovery are concerned. Additionally, we strive to provide a more than satisfactory patient experience. We know there are many choices for Physical Therapy services in Minnetonka, MN.  But we promise, you will receive an amazing series of services and experience every time you come through our doors for physical therapy services.

Our clinical experience starts with continued education. Most people who come to see us are in pain. The last thing someone in pain wants to do his hear a lecture about the pain or have someone carry on and on about the different methodologies used, etc. We don’t do this. We focus on caring for you. Yes, we will explain what you can expect from us, what we expect from you, what our standards are for a level of quality care, and then what you need to do as far as home care is concerned. We will always answer your questions and provide insight that we feel is valuable to you and your condition. However, we will not preach about certain components or provide medically-specific terminology in long explanations when you are in pain.

Again, your experience is important- vital- to us.  Not only is it our goal to provide physical therapy services that work and improve your health, we want to provide these services in a setting that is welcoming and caters to your needs.