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Celebrity Workouts and Fabulous Bodies: Be Inspired!

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Fitness Info, Weight Loss and Maintenance

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The Emmy Awards are this weekend. I’ve never been a huge celebrity “watcher” and I don’t think I’ve ever watched more than 30 minutes of the Emmys (movie buffs, please don’t hate me) but I must confess, I love the TV coverage of the red carpet!

I love watching the dresses, the hairstyles, the dapper tuxedos, the fabulous jewelry and the shoes. Oh the shoes, I wouldn’t last five minutes in some of those fabulous foot towers!

And I also have to confess that if I do watch the red carpet or at least see pictures of the highlights in a magazine, I am more motivated to workout, get beauty sleep, and try new things with my hair and makeup. Who can help but be inspired and motivated to look as glamorous as if I had a team of ten stylists beautifying me for four hours every day?!

So, please do not watch the Emmys this weekend and compare yourself to the men and women that make a living out of looking beautiful and healthy. But if you do watch the Emmys or just the red carpet like me, be inspired, be motivated, take notes and take action to be as glamorous as you want to be.

If you’ve been lacking motivation, let the fit celebrities at this award show help inspire a great workout.

Below is a list of celebrities and their favorite workouts. Maybe you’ll find extra motivation to look and feel as jaw-dropping as one or all of the women below. If they can achieve star bodies, you can too. It just requires extra effort and sticking with a great program. Oh, don’t forget a wonderful diet. (Of course, I’m available to help you with this too).

Celebrity Workouts:

Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars loves to incorporate leg-lifts into her daily workout. And there isn’t anything boring about her legs!

Glee’s Naya Rivera is known for having an amazing buttocks. She keeps it toned doing squats daily.

Erin Heatherton of Victoria Secret fame doesn’t do ab crunches to get her flat stomach. Instead, Erin opps for Pilates classes and a healthy diet.

Sofia Vergara accentuates her curves by doing lunges daily.  Her sexy build is definitely motivation for a hard workout!

Hayden Panettiere is known for her toned arms.  She isn’t “bulked up” either. The star attributes jogging with five pound weights to her sexy, sleek arms.

Grammy-nominated singer Melanie Fiona’s overall slender and toned body is achieved through dance workouts. See, you don’t have to run in place on the treadmill all day to add some spice to your gym routine!

Emmy Rossum (Mystic River) has an amazing body. It looks naturally slender, toned and  gained without effort. Her secret? The rowing machine twice a week.

Not all of the above secrets will work for you.  Just like these stars, you need to have a team help you achieve your goal.  Working out is always a great start. You should get out there today and challenge yourself. Like I said before, these celebrities don’t have a magic wand. They put in their gym hours daily and they have teams pushing and motivating them. They get results through hard work, even when they don’t feel like working hard.

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