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Can My Child Have Runner’s Knee?

by | Aug 8, 2013 | General Info

A common question our staffed is approached with is related to Runner’s Knee and children. Yes, it is possible for a child to suffer from the symptoms associated with Runner’s Knee. Just like adults, children can overuse their knees from participating in sports or just being hyperactive and participating in running, jumping, bowling, etc.

Is the treatment the same? This is another question we are often asked. Yes and no. You see, the principals of Runner’s Knee are pretty much the same when it comes to treatment, but everyone is different. You want to have a doctor assess your child and make sure 1) the pain is really related to Runner’s Knee and 2) there are no other activities or medications that may impact a typical treatment.

Dr. Odom is always available to assist both adults and children with the treatment of Runner’s Knee. We have a great support staff, too. If you suspect your child is suffering from Runner’s Knee please call us at: 952-224-1919sports medicine minnesota