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Breastfeeding Tips from a New Mom

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Healthy Living

My baby girl is now 3 months old and I love being a mom! Becoming a mother was very fulfilling for me but their was definitely a learning curve. One of the most challenging things for me has been breastfeeding. This is a hot topic right now and there all a lot of benefits such as cost, nutrition and bonding with your baby, to name a few. Some new mother’s can’t breast feed for a number of different reasons and formula is a great alternative but for those of you taking on the task of breastfeeding, here are some of surprising things I have learned in my 3 months of experience:

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3 Breastfeeding Tips from a New Mom

  1. It hurts!! The pamphlets tell you that you might experience some “discomfort” but it hurts more than you expect right away. The thing to remember is that it does go away! Lanolin cream helped me a ton those first few weeks and now if I get dry or cracked I can just apply a little bit and it’s all better by the next day. If your worried that your baby isn’t getting a good latch or if it hurts more than you think it should definitely talk to a lactation consultant.

    Kendra and her 3 month old daughter, Sofia.

    Kendra and her 3 month old daughter, Sofia.

  2. Leaking happens all the time. Sometimes when I hear a baby cry whether it’s mine or not my milk let’s down. Another thing no one told me is that when you’re feeding on one side the other side leaks! I really feel like that’s a design flaw! Nursing pads are a life saver and you can buy disposable or cloth ones depending on how green you want to be.
  3. I have often wondered if my baby was getting enough milk even though she is in the 92nd percentile for weight. Unlike bottle feeding you can’t tell how much your baby is getting which leaves room for doubt. As long as your baby is content when he/she get done eating and you are changing a normal amount of dirty diapers for their age your baby is getting what he/she needs. Every few weeks I say something to my husband about how I feel like I don’t have enough milk. He just laughs at me because she is obviously not going hungry. Just know that every breastfeeding mother wonders at one time or another if they are producing enough milk.

Breastfeeding is a lot of work but it’s worth it if you can stick with it. For awhile you will feel like all you do is feed your baby but staying relaxed and stress free is the key to success. Happy mama, happy baby!

~Kendra, OHW Team Member