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Brenna Thompson

Spaghetti Squash Italian Casserole

I never grew up eating many casseroles, as it just wasn’t part of my parents' cooking repertoire. Fast forward to the present, with my husband who grew up eating many baked pasta dishes and would eat them weekly if he could. While the occasional indulgence in lasagna,...

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Homemade Skillet Meal

Growing up, my dad cooked most of our suppers. While he can follow a recipe, cooking was/is not a hobby of his. I remember many meals of Hamburger Helper, spaghetti, and Sloppy-Joes. At my mother's insistence there was also a lot of steamed broccoli. Maybe you can...

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CollaGEN For Joints and More

Many lifestyle factors, genetics, and simply living reduces the elasticity of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and skin. This can lead to wrinkles and joint discomfort. Perhaps you have heard about collagen or gelatin and started adding one of the various name brands to...

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Pro Bono for Bones

As someone who has a long history of stress fractures and broken bones and a strong family history of fractures (mom, grandma, and aunt) I make bone health a priority when it comes to my diet and lifestyle. If you have experienced multiple fractures or been diagnosed...

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Ortho Biotic

Physicians have frequently recommended Probiotics in the past when patients took an antibiotic and struggled with side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, or yeast infections. It seems more recently though, probiotics have become the “It” supplement. I’ve seen...

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Many people use exercise, including running, to help reduce their stress.  This might be the emotional stress of a major life event, or the daily stress of work and family. However, your favorite stress reducer also creates other types of stress in your body.  What...

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