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6 Benefits of Direct Primary Care That Might Surprise You

by | Apr 24, 2023 | General Info

6 Benefits of Direct Primary Care That Might Surprise You

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be surprising. However, for many people, receiving primary care that is affordable, accessible, and consistent can feel like a dream. Fortunately, direct primary care has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional primary care, and it’s changing the game for patients across the United States.


Odom Health and Wellness, located in Minnetonka, is a leading provider of direct primary care. Our mission is to provide affordable access to primary care for a flat monthly rate–skipping the need for insurance and avoiding the usual frustrations associated with primary care. In this article, we’ll explore the six benefits of direct primary care and why you should consider giving it a try.


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Benefit 1: Unlimited Doctor Access

One of the most significant benefits of direct primary care is the unlimited access to your doctor. Patients make an appointment and receive care without worrying about additional fees or copays. This model enables doctors to spend more time with their patients, build meaningful relationships, and address their health concerns in a timely and effective manner.


Benefit 2: Affordable and Predictable Healthcare

Another benefit of direct primary care is the affordable and predictable healthcare costs. Patients pay a flat rate every month that covers all primary care services–including routine checkups, preventative care, and urgent care visits. This model eliminates the need for insurance, copays, and deductibles, allowing patients to budget their healthcare costs more accurately.


Benefit 3: Lower Prices on Prescriptions

Direct primary care providers like Odom Health and Wellness often negotiate lower prices on prescription medications for their patients. This means patients can access the medications they need at a lower cost, improving medication adherence and overall health outcomes.


Benefit 4: Consistent Care

Direct primary care providers prioritize consistent care, meaning patients receive care from the same provider each visit. This model enables doctors to develop a better understanding of their patients’ health histories and tailor care plans to their unique needs.


Benefit 5: Improved Health Outcomes

Direct primary care providers like Odom Health and Wellness prioritize preventative care, which can improve health outcomes over time. By focusing on preventative care and addressing health concerns early on, patients can avoid more significant health issues down the road.


Benefit 6: Access to Additional Services at Odom Health and Wellness

In addition to primary care, Odom Health and Wellness offers a range of additional services to their patients–including physical therapy, nutrition counseling, and sports medicine. Odom patients can receive comprehensive care under one roof, improving overall health outcomes and quality of life. Where else can your primary care doctor make a health recommendation and then get you set up for therapy at the very same place?


Quality, Affordable Healthcare Shouldn’t be Surprising

If you’re frustrated with your traditional primary care provider and if you want to work with a doctor who actually has time for you, then it’s time to visit Odom Health and Wellness. Our direct primary services are a promising alternative to traditional primary care. We are providing patients with unlimited access to their doctor, predictable healthcare costs, lower prescription prices, consistent care, improved health outcomes, and access to additional services. 


If you’re looking for quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible, consider giving direct primary care a try at Odom Health and Wellness. You can get started by scheduling a discovery call. On this call, one of our team members will tell you more about direct primary care and how it can support you and your family. So, what are you waiting for?